Utah Regional

March 22, 2016 in Competition, FRC, Slideshow

At our week 3 competition, the Utah Regional, Texas Torque competed in a series of thrilling, fast-paced matches that resulted in our position as captain of the sixth-seeded alliance. We partnered with team 3374, the RoboBroncs, and team 5933, JudgeMent Call, and were regional finalists. Additionally, we took home our first-ever Entrepreneurship Award.25922300792_c6c2d451d6_z

The reliable performances of all three robots on our alliance helped us advance to the semifinals, and then to the finals themselves. In the two finals matches we played, we faced the first-seeded alliance, which consisted of team 4334, Alberta Tech Alliance; team 3166, First Year Ravens; and team 2468, Team Appreciate. Team Appreciate, the alliance captain and a fellow Texas team at the Utah Regional, also received the Utah Regional Chairman’s Award. We congratulate our friends at 2468 for this prestigious achievement and look forward to seeing them again at the World Championships in April.

Congratulations to Team Appreciate, Alberta Tech Alliance, and First Year Ravens for their regional win. We can’t wait to see you in St. Louis next month and wish you the best of luck in upcoming competitions!


Our next competition is the Lone Star Regional, a week 6 competition taking place from April 6 to April 9 in downtown Houston. We look forward to meeting you on the battlefield, whether at Lone Star or World Championships!

Alamo Regional

March 14, 2016 in Competition, FRC, Slideshow

This past weekend our team had a fantastic first competition at the Alamo Regional. Our team was extremely thrilled and honored to win the Alamo Regional Chairman’s Award and our first ever Industrial Safety Award!


Our robot, Impulse, performed consistently well and we moved onto elimination matches as the 5th alliance captain. We had a terrific time competing alongside ausTIN CANs team 2158, and RoboWarriors team 2583, during the quarterfinal matches. Also, a huge thanks to Brooks Academy Robotics team 5754, for subbing us during the semifinals when our drive train broke down.

Congratulations to teams Robowranglers team 148, High Voltage team 231, and STEM ECHS team 5726 for winning the regional!


We look forward to seeing teams out on the battlefield at the Utah Regional this upcoming weekend!

Armstrong, Bush, and Book Fair Demos

February 29, 2016 in Outreach

On Thursday, February 18, members of Texas Torque demonstrated our 2013 robot, Sonic, to crowds of elementary school students at Armstrong Elementary’s annual math and science night. We were able to give the kids an exciting introduction to robotics, as well as point them in the direction of Armstrong’s own FLL teams.

The next Thursday, February 25, we brought Sonic to the Bush Elementary Science Night. At this event, we were able to drive Sonic around the school’s gym, show the students and parents what Sonic could do and how those things were done, and spread the word about FIRST.

On Saturday, February 27, our county book fair was held at the same school in which our headquarters are located. Because of this, we were able to show not only Sonic, but also robots from other years such as Rev1 and Apogee. We spoke with students of all ages, from elementary to high school, and provided information about FIRST and its various programs.

We at Texas Torque greatly enjoy community outreach events and are grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in these demonstrations. The team looks forward to future opportunities to make FIRST loud!


CISD Bond Proposal Passes

November 8, 2015 in Slideshow

It was announced Wednesday, November 4th, that the CISD school and education bond has passed with 69 to 31 percent in favor. This news heralds the advancement of robotics and STEM for years to come, and the whole team looks forward to seeing what new prospects this advancement will hold.

To support this bond, students from Torque went out to various polling locations and campaigned tirelessly for many hours, presenting flyers and helpful advice to any interested. It is without a doubt that the help from efforts like these went a long way in promoting the understanding and awareness of this bond and its importance for the future of the team.

More information can be found here.

2015 Robot Remix

November 5, 2015 in Slideshow

On Saturday, October 24th, Texas Torque co-hosted and competed in the fourth annual Houston Robot Remix. We competed with our 2015.5 robot, an offseason build named “Rebel”.

brady stockton photo

Congressman Kevin Brady and CISD Superintendent Don Stockton came to the Remix and spoke at the opening ceremonies.

The team ranked 3rd in the qualification matches and went on to lead an alliance composed of teams 3478 and 3526, Lambot and Blue Ignition, into quarterfinals. Our alliance was successful in the quarterfinal matches and was able to qualify for semifinals, during which we were eliminated.

We at Texas Torque were glad to have competed with many of our friends in our last event of this offseason. We are also extremely grateful to all of the teams in attendance, having greatly enjoyed hosting this event and hoping to host it again next year.

remix photo copy_opt

CISD Bond Proposal

September 21, 2015 in Slideshow

We are pleased to announce the creation of a bond proposal by Conroe ISD to fund the construction of multiple robotics centers in the Conroe area. This news brings us one step closer to achieving a new space for the development and advancement of our robotics program. This new proposal will facilitate the growth of many STEM programs in the area, with spaces dedicated to more than just robotics work. Areas for electronic, mechanical, and group conferences have been proposed. With these resources at hand, more people will be able to find a place to explore and discover more about STEM, and will have the opportunity to interact with and observe Texas Torque’s robotics laboratory environment firsthand.

Bond Details

Voting Details

Early voting begins on Monday, October 19.
The most convenient early voting location for The Woodlands is the South County Community Building on Lake Robbins Drive, near the Pavilion.
Election day is Tuesday, November 3.  The voting locations that day are specific to the voter’s precinct number.