Armstrong, Bush, and Book Fair Demos

February 29, 2016 in Outreach by Scott Rippetoe

On Thursday, February 18, members of Texas Torque demonstrated our 2013 robot, Sonic, to crowds of elementary school students at Armstrong Elementary’s annual math and science night. We were able to give the kids an exciting introduction to robotics, as well as point them in the direction of Armstrong’s own FLL teams.

The next Thursday, February 25, we brought Sonic to the Bush Elementary Science Night. At this event, we were able to drive Sonic around the school’s gym, show the students and parents what Sonic could do and how those things were done, and spread the word about FIRST.

On Saturday, February 27, our county book fair was held at the same school in which our headquarters are located. Because of this, we were able to show not only Sonic, but also robots from other years such as Rev1 and Apogee. We spoke with students of all ages, from elementary to high school, and provided information about FIRST and its various programs.

We at Texas Torque greatly enjoy community outreach events and are grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in these demonstrations. The team looks forward to future opportunities to make FIRST loud!


Sci:// Tech Demonstration

February 16, 2016 in Slideshow by Scott Rippetoe

On January 30th, Texas Torque joined a score of other science themed activities at the Lone Star Convention Center for a day of exhibitioning and demonstrating. Holding a spot next to the Elementary Science Fair, our team brought out our 2012 robot Velociriptar and our 2013 world championship winning robot Sonic for a total of 6 hours of demonstration. We explained functions, mechanisms, and processes behind the robot’s construction and operation to scores of young students, parents, and interested individuals. We also drove the robots around to show how they worked in action.

Our space, which was shared with FLL, VEX, and BEST, showcased the benefits of robotics and engineering and all the opportunities that our district offered. With our layout, we managed to demonstrate and explain an optional progression through robotics programs as kids went through their schools and educations.


Many eager young minds found inspiration to begin their explorations into science through this demonstration, and we look forward to coming here again next year.