Angel Reach Home Renovation Project

August 15, 2014 in Outreach by Scott Rippetoe

Texas Torque is well known for its active role in the community, and this summer has been no exception. Texas Torque students banded together this past tuesday in order to help the Angel Reach Foundation with a home renovation project. Starting early in the morning, members of the team could be found all over the renovation site, helping with everything from demolishing flooring to repainting walls and ceilings. All of the attending team members found the experience very rewarding, and Texas Torque plans to assist the Angel Reach Foundation with even more projects in the upcoming months.


Texas Torque students help out at a home renovation project for the Angel Reach Foundation.

2014 Texas Robot Roundup

August 9, 2014 in Competition by Scott Rippetoe

Last weekend, Texas Torque traveled to Austin for the fourth annual Texas Robot Roundup. This two day competition proved to be a great testament to the skill and ability of Texas FIRST teams, of which Texas Torque was happy to be a part of.

After unloading early in the morning, Texas Torque soon began to prep for the afternoon qualifications matches. Texas Torque ended up with a 3-2 record by the end of the day, and was near the bottom of the rankings. However, Texas Torque was able to come back the next day and finish with a qualifications record of 7-3. This put Texas Torque in the 5th seed position for alliance selection. After the first and second seeds made their choices, Texas Torque was in position as the third alliance captain. Texas Torque chose 4587 Jersey Voltage as our first pick, and in the remaining rounds chose 3735 Klein Bots and 5287 Flare to round out the all-Houston alliance. After winning our quarterfinals matches, Texas Torque ran into tough competition in the semis facing off against the affectionately nicknamed “three cyclers” 1296, 3005, and 2158. After each alliance won one match, our alliance pulled of a victory in the rubber match winning 254-200. After a couple rounds of friendly rock-paper-scissors, the finals matches started and our alliance was defeated by the first seeded alliance, going home with a second place finish.

Texas Torque would like to congratulate our friends 624, 118, 2789, and especially pre-rookie team 9997 for their finish as the Texas Robot Roundup champions. We would also like to thank team 2158, the AusTIN CANS, as well as National Instruments, for hosting this amazing event for the fourth year in a row. We would also like to thank all of the Austin area FIRST volunteers and the Alamo FIRST organization for their phenomenal event running. Texas Torque was thrilled to have been a part of this amazing Texas event, and hopes to compete in it again for years to come.

Women’s Shelter Volunteering

August 6, 2014 in Outreach by Scott Rippetoe

The past two Tuesdays, Texas Torque students and alumni have been hard at work making a difference in the community. Team members have accomplished this through the dedication of their time at “Something Special”, a discount store benefiting the local Women’s Shelter. Texas Torque students were able to help out with many of the on-site projects that needed doing, such as packing and labeling inventory, reorganizing the store, and bringing in large donations of items. This volunteering has quickly become a weekly event, and the team hopes to continue it far into the school year.


Texas Torque students in “Something Special”.