2020 Infinite Recharge

The 2020 FIRST Robotics Competition is Infinite Recharge. This exciting game is played on a 54 ft x 27 ft field with two teams of three robots each. Although the game starts with a fifteen second period where robots move autonomously, during the entire two minute and thirty second game, robots work to pick up “power cells” and score them into “power ports”. Each of the three power ports for each team have different point values with the greatest number of points given to the highest “power port”. Robots can also work to spin the “control panel” a specific number of times or to a certain color to get points. At the end of the match, teams return to the rendezvous point to climb and attempt to balance the “shield generator”. This  game is unlike anything seen in previous years and with so many parts, will constantly keep audiences and players engaged.

Below is a video from FIRST that includes animations and visuals that explains the 2020 FIRST Robotics Competition game in more detail.