About Us

Since our inception in 2004, Texas Torque has become a dominant force in robotics, winning the 2013 World Championship, and more than nine regional events in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). Our team has also been increasingly involved with the community, both locally and globally. Through our efforts, we have managed to achieve the FRC Chairman’s Award at the 2014 Dallas Regional, 2016 Alamo Regional, 2017 Lone Star Central, and 2018 South Florida Regional.

Texas Torque consists of high school students ages 13 to 18, with approximately 85 students on the team each year. While on the team, students obtain valuable life skills and knowledge that assist them in pursuing STEM careers.

Each year FRC comes out with a new challenge that the team has six weeks to design, build, and program a robot for. During these six weeks members of the team dedicate countless hours to the program in order to prepare for competition. Each year the game is unique and has different robot attributes from previous years, requiring students to work quickly and effectively over these six weeks in order to succeed.

The students of Texas Torque strive to be role models in the robotics community by using our skills to help other teams be successful. Our team actively seeks to start new FRC, FTC, and FLL teams in our area, and then assists these teams to ensure they have the solid background required to continue on their own. Texas Torque also provides many online resources for other FRC teams, including our online Torque Tutorials on topics such as Versa Planetary gearboxes and lights displays, as well as our scouting and safety manuals.

Texas Torque strives to spread STEM in both our community and our nation. We achieve this through our elementary school robotics camps, as well as through our countless demos at Houston Astro’s, Rocket’s, and Texan’s games, Fourth of July parades, local schools, and district STEM events. Furthermore, Texas Torque brought FIRST and STEM to the national attention of over 25 million people when we cut the ribbon to open the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.