Our Mission



“At the end of an era as the Northside Roboteers — an era filled with learning curves and the development of an identity all our own — FRC Team 1477 made the monumental decision to reinvent ourselves. The then members of the Northside Roboteers envisioned a future as not only a robotics team, but also an investment enterprise. However, we did not wish to invest in stocks and bonds; rather we wanted to encourage the ingenuity of the new generation, and our products would vary from robots and community improvements to the engineers and leaders of tomorrow. Starting in the 2010 season, we changed our logo, our name, and our identity to Team 1477, Texas Torque.” – 2014 Chairman’s Essay

Here at Texas Torque, our mission is to provide students with an opportunity to see that a career in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics can be enjoyable and rewarding. Mentors encourage students to develop innovative solutions and take pride in their work. Team members work in a supportive environment and learn valuable life skills including teamwork, integrity, leadership, and communication. We feel an ethical responsibility to help others in the larger robotics community achieve success.