Hands-Free Sanitizer Station

With schools opening, we saw a need to find more ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19. All teachers in Conroe ISD received a pump bottle containing hand sanitizer so students may disinfect their hands. This also provides an opportunity for COVID-19 to spread if users do not follow proper protocols. We found a design for a hands-free sanitizer station made of PVC pipe and fittings on Instructables.com. After struggling with the instructions provided, we created a CAD file of the station assembly. To provide further help, there is a cut list for the PVC pipe, an assembly drawing with an exploded view plus a list of all parts, images of the completed station, and brief assembly instructions. We also designed a 3D printed platform that can be glued to the top of the base to hold the pump bottle. In the Instructables version, they recommend attaching a plastic plate or something similar to serve this purpose. We are working on video instructions.

Link to Sanitizer Station Files

Link to NOvid-19 Station Request Form