Houston Maker Faire

This last Saturday, November 14th, Texas Torque joined teams 623 CRyptonite, 2587 Discobots, 4082 RoboSpartans, 4587 Jersey Voltage, 3335 Cy-Ranch Cy-Borgs, 3847 Spectrum, and 4412 SST Steel Stallions at the 3rd annual Houston Maker Faire at the George R. Brown Convention Center for a full day of demo-ing and exhibiting. The Maker Faire is a convention that showcases “makers” (independent inventors, engineers, craftsmen, hobbyists, etc) and their innovations at one large, centralized location. Here, products and inventions ranging from simple DIY fabrications to hand-built completely wooden C&C machines are presented for public viewing and interaction. FIRST had a strong presence at this demonstration with all of the aforementioned teams exhibiting together on a model FRC field. All sorts of functions were showcased, including challenges and events from previous years, like 2013’s Ultimate Ascent, last year’s Aerial Assist, and this year’s Recycle Rush. Team 624 made a guest appearance of it’s 2012 Rebound Rumble Robot. All of the teams there had great fun demonstrating the variety and intricacies of robotics to all kinds of crowds, and team members enjoyed the friendly interaction between audience and robot. Many of us look forward to returning here next year to continue upholding the standard of local robotics capabilities.

More info and a comprehensive maker participant guide can be found here and here, respectively.

CISD Bond Proposal Passes

It was announced Wednesday, November 4th, that the CISD school and education bond has passed with 69 to 31 percent in favor. This news heralds the advancement of robotics and STEM for years to come, and the whole team looks forward to seeing what new prospects this advancement will hold.

To support this bond, students from Torque went out to various polling locations and campaigned tirelessly for many hours, presenting flyers and helpful advice to any interested. It is without a doubt that the help from efforts like these went a long way in promoting the understanding and awareness of this bond and its importance for the future of the team.

More information can be found here.

2015 Robot Remix

On Saturday, October 24th, Texas Torque co-hosted and competed in the fourth annual Houston Robot Remix. We competed with our 2015.5 robot, an offseason build named “Rebel”.

brady stockton photo

Congressman Kevin Brady and CISD Superintendent Don Stockton came to the Remix and spoke at the opening ceremonies.

The team ranked 3rd in the qualification matches and went on to lead an alliance composed of teams 3478 and 3526, Lambot and Blue Ignition, into quarterfinals. Our alliance was successful in the quarterfinal matches and was able to qualify for semifinals, during which we were eliminated.

We at Texas Torque were glad to have competed with many of our friends in our last event of this offseason. We are also extremely grateful to all of the teams in attendance, having greatly enjoyed hosting this event and hoping to host it again next year.

remix photo copy_opt

CISD Bond Proposal

We are pleased to announce the creation of a bond proposal by Conroe ISD to fund the construction of multiple robotics centers in the Conroe area. This news brings us one step closer to achieving a new space for the development and advancement of our robotics program. This new proposal will facilitate the growth of many STEM programs in the area, with spaces dedicated to more than just robotics work. Areas for electronic, mechanical, and group conferences have been proposed. With these resources at hand, more people will be able to find a place to explore and discover more about STEM, and will have the opportunity to interact with and observe Texas Torque’s robotics laboratory environment firsthand.

Bond Details

Voting Details

Early voting begins on Monday, October 19.
The most convenient early voting location for The Woodlands is the South County Community Building on Lake Robbins Drive, near the Pavilion.
Election day is Tuesday, November 3.  The voting locations that day are specific to the voter’s precinct number.

Summer Off-Season Competitions

The Texas Robotics Invitational (TRI), hosted by team 3847 (Team Spectrum), occurred at Spectrum’s own Strake Jesuit High School on Saturday, June 20th. Texas Torque competed alongside numerous teams at this event, which served as a fresh, non-intensive place for teams new and old alike to compete in an official FIRST environment. During elimination matches, Torque allianced with teams 3335 (the Cy-Ranch Cy-Borgs) and team 3587 (the AwtyBots). Torque was eliminated in the quarterfinals.

The next event Torque participated in was the Texas Robot Round-up (TRR), hosted by team 2158 (the ausTIN CANs), and team 2881 (the Lady Cans) on July 31st in Austin. In this event, Torque allianced with team 4587 (Jersey Voltage) and the Lady Cans. Torque was once again eliminated in the quarterfinals.

Both of these events gave valuable practice time for Torque’s driveteam. The atmosphere gave an added element of realism to the event, letting all members feel the experience of a full-fledged season event. In addition, the presence of many robotics teams at one location allowed for members to explore interactions between various members, and learn the procedures and intricacies of a robotics team.


The Remix 2015

Coming up, on the 24th of October, Team 1477 Texas Torque and Team 624 CRyptonite will co-host the 2015 Robot Remix at Oak Ridge High School in Conroe, Texas. In this event, teams will be able to refurbish last season’s bots and compete with them a second time in a local, competitive FIRST-emulating competition. Traditionally, numerous teams from far across the area come down to compete in a friendly, productive atmosphere and test their skills again. Last year, over 30 teams came down, some from as far as Illinois, to join the competition.

The Remix is a 100% free event, and all people, attendees, enthusiasts, or curious individuals can join in the fun, whether it be watching from the stands or touring the pit areas. Many people find a passion for robotics from observing the community firsthand, and there is no better local spot than the 2015 Remix.

For more information, contact us at TheRemix@TexasTorque.org or our lead mentor, Scott Rippetoe, at mr.rip@texastorque.org.

Thanks, and we hope to see everyone there!

Houston Robot Remix 2015