2015 Bayou Regional

March 26, 2015 in Slideshow by Scott Rippetoe

After the Dallas Regional and continued work on the robot, Texas Torque was eager to compete at its second official FIRST Robotics Competition event— the Bayou Regional.

Following the first day, which consisted primarily of travel and pit setup, the team entered its first day of competition at the Bayou Regional. While key members in each of the build subteams spent nearly the entire day working on final adjustments on the robot, other teams members took time to help out other teams at the regional. As a team that considers Gracious Professionalism one of the driving influences on the team’s character, a solid portion of our members went out into the pits to make sure that all teams would be in tip-top shape for the following day of competition. Work on the robot finished successfully as well; near the end of the day, our team played two practice matches to get a feel for the game and performed very well on the field.

16754641769_ccbdc31ffe_zOn the second day of the competition and the first day of qualifications, Texas Torque started the day off scoring 71 points in the first qualification match. That night, team leadership and scouting/strategy officials on the team met to discuss what could be seen in the following day of competition and potentially strong alliance partners.

The third day of competition started with a relatively low score due to further problems on the robot. We continued to play through the rest of the qualification matches, ranking 13th. We were happy to form an eliminations alliance with FRC 3959, Morgan County Mech Tech, and FRC 1421, Team Chaos.

The regional ended fantastically with a well-deserved Engineering Inspiration award, the second in Texas Torque’s history. The team is honored to have been bestowed this prestigious award and be identified as a team whose character and impact serves as a model for other FRC teams. We would like to congradulate FRC 3337, Panthrobotics, for winning the Bayou Regional Chairman’s Award.

Texas Torque would like to congratulate FRC 3937, Breakaway, FRC 3039, Wildcat Robotics, and FRC 3946, Tiger Robotics, for their victory at this event. In addition, we are grateful for the efforts of the Pontchartrain Convention Center for hosting the event, as well as the constant support of our sponsors and everyone involved with the team. We hope to see many of these amazing teams at the Lone Star Regional in two weeks; in the meantime, Texas Torque members across the board will be busy preparing for this upcoming challenge.

Nema Enclosures

March 11, 2015 in Slideshow by Scott Rippetoe

Nema Enclosures

Nema Enclosures is a Houston based company that manufactures powder coated carbon steel, stainless steel, and instrument enclosures. This year, Texas Torque has had the pleasure of having Nema Enclosures return as both sponsors and partners. Rob Bohn, the owner of Nema Enclosures, has been gracious enough to once again support the growth and development of our team. This year, Nema has been particularly generous and was resposible for all of the powder coated sheet metal parts on our competition robot, Apogee, this past season. The donation marks the fourth year of Nema’s sustained sponsorship of Texas Torque, having continued to provide support for the team since 2011. For this and much more, we are infinitely thankful and look forward to a sustained relationship between our two organizations. We have also included a link to Nema’s website: Nema Enclosures.


2015 Dallas Regional

March 3, 2015 in Slideshow by Scott Rippetoe

This past weekend, Texas Torque took part in one of the early FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Regionals in the 2015 season: the Dallas Regional. Forty-eight teams were present, including our friends 987 from Las Vegas.

At the start of qualification matches, Texas Torque scored higher than the other sided alliance. By the end of the day, Texas Torque was ranked 4th of the 48 teams at the regional with an average score of 73.3, falling beneath FRC 148, Robowranglers, 987, HIGHROLLERS, and FRC 118, Robonauts. In alliance selection, we were elated to welcome 5431, Titan Robotics, a rookie team, as our first pick on our alliance. The pair decided to pick FRC 457, Grease Monkeys, to complete the alliance.

In the elimination rounds, Texas Torque, Titan Robotics, and the Grease Monkeys lost after a hard match with 5th and 6th seeded alliance. In the blink of an eye, the finals were upon 624, CRyptonite, 118 Robonauts, and 2613, PROTOBOT. 2nd seeded alliance was up against the 1st seeded alliance of FRC 987, FRC 148, and FRC 3802. Both alliances played at their best, but in the shocking turn of the end, the second seeded alliance came out on top.


Texas Torque was glad to bring home the Innovation in Control Award. In addition, Texas Torque congratulates FRC 932, Circuit Chargers for their Engineering Inspiration Award, and FRC 987, HIGHROLLERS, for winning the Chairman’s Award at the Dallas Regional.

All in all, the team is happy with their performance Dallas Regional. We would like to thank all of the Dallas Region administration and volunteers for all of their hard work in making this such an amazing, well-organized event. Of course, we congratulate the 2nd seeded alliance for their well-fought victory and thank our own alliance partners for all of their effort. We can’t wait to see many of these teams again at the Bayou Regional!