2015 Dallas Regional

This past weekend, Texas Torque took part in one of the early FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Regionals in the 2015 season: the Dallas Regional. Forty-eight teams were present, including our friends 987 from Las Vegas.

At the start of qualification matches, Texas Torque scored higher than the other sided alliance. By the end of the day, Texas Torque was ranked 4th of the 48 teams at the regional with an average score of 73.3, falling beneath FRC 148, Robowranglers, 987, HIGHROLLERS, and FRC 118, Robonauts. In alliance selection, we were elated to welcome 5431, Titan Robotics, a rookie team, as our first pick on our alliance. The pair decided to pick FRC 457, Grease Monkeys, to complete the alliance.

In the elimination rounds, Texas Torque, Titan Robotics, and the Grease Monkeys lost after a hard match with 5th and 6th seeded alliance. In the blink of an eye, the finals were upon 624, CRyptonite, 118 Robonauts, and 2613, PROTOBOT. 2nd seeded alliance was up against the 1st seeded alliance of FRC 987, FRC 148, and FRC 3802. Both alliances played at their best, but in the shocking turn of the end, the second seeded alliance came out on top.


Texas Torque was glad to bring home the Innovation in Control Award. In addition, Texas Torque congratulates FRC 932, Circuit Chargers for their Engineering Inspiration Award, and FRC 987, HIGHROLLERS, for winning the Chairman’s Award at the Dallas Regional.

All in all, the team is happy with their performance Dallas Regional. We would like to thank all of the Dallas Region administration and volunteers for all of their hard work in making this such an amazing, well-organized event. Of course, we congratulate the 2nd seeded alliance for their well-fought victory and thank our own alliance partners for all of their effort. We can’t wait to see many of these teams again at the Bayou Regional!