Week Six Update

All of the Mechanical team members of Texas Torque worked hard finishing the assembly of our robot to get ready for bag and tag. Texas Torque will be competing for the first time this year at the Dallas Regional(Feb 25 – 28, 2015). In other news, the team has been happy that Chairman’s presentation banners came in, and everything is going well as always. Jeffrey and Reagan are practicing the presentation.

The electronics team got pneumatic and electronics assembled to the robot, and the programmers of the team got the hand of robot. In cooperation with the electrical team, the programmers will finish up the code on the robot, as well as tune the motor control loops. During build, the programming team worked with the goal that on the first time the robot is powered on, all components of the robot will work as expected.

Texas Torque would like to thank the following sponsors for their manufacturing support:
Nema Enclosures,
Crow Corporation,
H&R Mfg. and Supply, Inc.

Members of Texas Torque volunteered as judging and setting up the field at the Engineering Design Competition last Saturday, helping out the Sci://Tech community as well as spreading Texas Torque and the FIRST organization.

Texas Torque wishes luck to everyone who will be competing soon!