Kickoff 2016 (FIRST Stronghold)

On January 10th, 8:30 A.M. Central Standard Time, Texas Torque gathered in an LGI to witness the unveiling of the new 2016 FRC game. Our entire roster of members, alumni, and mentors came together to take in and plan for the exciting new challenge for this year. The new game, FIRST Stronghold, features many unique elements, from defense crossing and boulder shooting to spying and climbing. Teams everywhere are expected to meet a number of guidelines and build a robot that can perform a number of tasks for a variety of purposes. Several new game elements like audience and team selected defenses make for a uniquely dynamic and progressive match every time, and teams are certain to be faced with a different challenge every time they step on the field. Cooperation and point scoring are also modified for this year, with two separate scores: one to determine which alliance wins a match, and one for qualification.


The addition and implementation for all of these new elements has made our team more eager than ever to inspire, build, and conquer the field. With good wishes to every team out there, Texas Torque begins its quest to conquer the FIRST Stronghold.


We will soon meet you all on the battlefield at Alamo!