Practice with FRC 3847 and FRC 3335

This past weekend, Texas Torque hosted two teams – FRC 3847, Spectrum, and FRC 3335, Cy-Ranch Cyborgs, at our school to get a little extra practice before our Week Six event — the Lone Star Regional.

All three teams spent the day at The Woodlands College Park High School, home to Texas Torque World Headquarters. The teams made great use of the practice goals made by Texas Torque. It was exciting to see the progress made by the three teams over the course of the day as they made improvements. (Interestingly, the three teams happen to be the exact same teams that composed the winning alliance at our off-season event, the Houston Robot Remix!) At the same time, scouts and mentors alike took some time to watch the Greater Toronto East Regional.

All three robots in the middle of practice.

All three robots in the middle of practice.

The event certainly helped to prepare us for our next regional event, and we were glad to have shared the experience with our fellow teams. This upcoming week brings plenty of work, but we will continue to make all necessary changes to make sure that we are ready to compete.

To see a snapshot of our work over the weekend, see Spectrum’s video through this link.