Texas Torque at the Houston Robot Remix

At the first annual Houston Robot Remix, our team not only hosted the event, but also competed.  Seeding 3rd in the qualifying rounds, Texas Torque formed an alliance with teams 3847 and 3999 for the elimination bracket. In our first and second match we faced the 6th seed alliance and won to advance to the semifinals. However, in the third and fourth riveting matches we faced an unfortunate loss.  While we scored higher in basket points we did not score any bridge points, which proved to be the determining factor.  Team 4589 from Kingwood,TX used our secondary robot and was a finalist. They started a team this year and wanted to participate in the event though they lacked a robot of their own. We were happy to help a fellow team and look forward to hosting the competition next year.

1477, 3847, 3999 Alliance