Texas Torque Wins Razorback Regional

We would like to thank Mr. Alan Coats and Halliburton for graciously donating the entry fee that allowed us to compete at the Razorback Regional in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Because of their generous contribution of our entry fee, we were able to take 7 students and qualify for FRC World Championships. Again, we finished qualifying rounds as the undefeated first seed. We chose 1421-Chaos Robotics and 3612- Gear Hogs as our alliance partners and managed to win a regional completely undefeated with their help. We would also like to thank these two teams for creating a strong alliance that propelled us into the final matches. After becoming the winner of the Razorback Regional, we were also honored with the Excellence in Engineering Award sponsored by Delphi. We look forward to competing in St. Louis in two weeks!