CISD Bond Proposal

We are pleased to announce the creation of a bond proposal by Conroe ISD to fund the construction of multiple robotics centers in the Conroe area. This news brings us one step closer to achieving a new space for the development and advancement of our robotics program. This new proposal will facilitate the growth of many STEM programs in the area, with spaces dedicated to more than just robotics work. Areas for electronic, mechanical, and group conferences have been proposed. With these resources at hand, more people will be able to find a place to explore and discover more about STEM, and will have the opportunity to interact with and observe Texas Torque’s robotics laboratory environment firsthand.

Bond Details

Voting Details

Early voting begins on Monday, October 19.
The most convenient early voting location for The Woodlands is the South County Community Building on Lake Robbins Drive, near the Pavilion.
Election day is Tuesday, November 3.  The voting locations that day are specific to the voter’s precinct number.