FRC Top 25 (Week 1)

Earlier this week, First Updates Now (FUN) asked fans to vote on which teams they thought deserved to be the top 25 robots out of all the Week 1 competitors. After voting closed, FUN announced their results on their First Updates Now livestream on March 7th. As Texas Torque members eagerly watched the livestream, we were very excited to find out that out of the over 800 teams that competed in Week 1, Texas Torque was voted the #3 spot! We would also like to congratulate our alliance teammate from Hub City 3847 Spectrum for securing the #15 spot, and all other teams who ranked in the top 25! To see the full list, you can visit the FUN website here or watch the episode here. We’re looking forward to competing at Lone Star Central during Week 3 and keeping Texas Torque in the top 25!

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