Primrose Demonstrations

Earlier this summer, Texas Torque performed not one, but five demonstrations in our area. These demonstrations were done at local Primrose Preschools, for children from the ages of 2-6, as a way to give the children their very FIRST look at robotics. Team members distributed themselves among the five events around our community, promoting science and technology at the various presentations. Our 2013 World Championship robot “Sonic” was demonstrated at two of these events, while our 2014 robot “Rev1” had its very first showing at the three others. Our students took pride in explaining the function of our robot to the children.

Texas Torque Primrose~Sunday 2

Texas Torque is proud to be such an influential factor in the scientific growth of our community’s youth. We are continuing these efforts with more demonstrations in the near future and we will certainly continue to strive for an even greater impact.