Subsea 7 and iTech 7 Offer Scholarships to Texas Torque Students

This year, our team has had the pleasure of welcoming two influential companies as sponsors and partners: Subsea 7 and its subsidiary, iTech 7. Mr. M. Landwehr, an employee of Subsea 7 and a parent of a Texas Torque student, has been gracious enough to develop something a little different: scholarships to graduating seniors on the team.

In a group presentation early Saturday morning, Mr. Landwehr explained the functions of his company and the details of the scholarships, dubbed the “Being 7 Scholarships” to emphasize the importance of certain qualities that Subsea 7 and its subsidiaries promote. Again promoting the power of the students, the Being 7 Scholarships enable all team members and mentors to nominate senior students who embody one or more of five key attributes: Saftey, Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation, and Performance. The final decision on these scholarships will be made by a selection committee composed of both Subsea 7 employees and dedicated Texas Torque adults.