Success at the Houston Robot Remix

With the help of the FIRST Lone Star Region, Texas Torque was able to hold the Houston Robot Remix for the second year in a row — with great success. Over 20 teams attended the Remix this year, including FRC 5052, a pre-rookie team in the Houston area. Texas Torque team members worked alongside FIRST officials and volunteers in the area to keep the event running smoothly.

The Texas Torque drive team competed well, earning a #2 rank at the end of the qualification rounds. In alliance selection, an excellent alliance composed of FRC 3847 (Spectrum) and FRC 3335 (Cy-Ranch Cyborgs). After the tough elimination matches with some of the best teams in Texas, Texas Torque’s alliance triumphed, winning the finals against the #1 alliance.


Team members of the winning alliance posed with their robots at the Houston Robot Remix.


In addition to bringing plenty of action to the gymnasium, the event brought together the efforts of the attendees to make a difference in the community. Texas Torque gathered donations for the Angel Reach Foundation, asking all teams to bring money or bedding for the local charity. Revenue from t-shirt sales at the event went towards the Montgomery County Women’s Center.

Texas Torque would like to congratulate FRC 4587 (Jersey Voltage), FRC 624 (CRyptonite), and FRC 4295 (Pure Energy) for finishing as finalists, as well as our alliance partners for a magnificent performance in yesterday’s elimination rounds. In addition, FRC 2587 (DiscoBots) deserve recognition for providing a robot and guidance to the pre-rookie team, FRC 5052. Last but certainly not least, we would like to extend our gratitude to all of the teams, volunteers, the Lone Star Region, and AndyMark for all of their help in making this event a wonderful way to end the Ultimate Ascent season. Texas Torque cannot wait until next year to make the event even bigger and better.