Texas Robotics Invitational

This past weekend, Texas Torque took part in the Texas Robotics Invitational, a new off-season event hosted by FRC 3847 (Spectrum). A total of 32 teams attended the competition, including several pre-rookie teams. The main objective of the event was to give local teams some play-time and practice. Texas Torque assisted in this goal by providing one of our one of our bots, Bravo, to the pre-rookie team FRC 9999.

The team performed well throughout the qualifying matches, finishing 3rd from from all of the teams participating in the event. Texas Torque was thrilled to invite teams FRC 57 (Leopards), FRC 5287 (Flare), and FRC 4639 (Spartan) to our alliance. Unfortunately, the team lost in the quarterfinals to the first seeded alliance, led by FRC 2468 (Appreciate). Torque is excited to congratulate FRC 624 (CRyptonite), the alliance captain of the winning team, and its partners FRC 3847, FRC 1429 (KAOS), and FRC 5070 (Gearnotics).

Texas Torque would like to thank FRC 3847 for planning, organizing, and hosting TRI this year. We also greatly appreciate the numerous volunteers and Lone Star Regional Committee for making the event possible. Torque also would like to thank our alliance partners for their much-valued efforts.

The event was essential to helping us learn and prepare for next season’s regional competitions, and enjoyed seeing our fellow Texas teams hard at work. Overall, this competition was a great experience and was important for fostering close relations with the other teams in our community. We look forward to seeing both our traditional friend teams and the new pre-rookie teams at next season’s competitions!