The Remix 2015

Coming up, on the 24th of October, Team 1477 Texas Torque and Team 624 CRyptonite will co-host the 2015 Robot Remix at Oak Ridge High School in Conroe, Texas. In this event, teams will be able to refurbish last season’s bots and compete with them a second time in a local, competitive FIRST-emulating competition. Traditionally, numerous teams from far across the area come down to compete in a friendly, productive atmosphere and test their skills again. Last year, over 30 teams came down, some from as far as Illinois, to join the competition.

The Remix is a 100% free event, and all people, attendees, enthusiasts, or curious individuals can join in the fun, whether it be watching from the stands or touring the pit areas. Many people find a passion for robotics from observing the community firsthand, and there is no better local spot than the 2015 Remix.

For more information, contact us at [email protected] or our lead mentor, Scott Rippetoe, at [email protected].

Thanks, and we hope to see everyone there!

Houston Robot Remix 2015